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My newest game in my short "UNCANNY VALLEY" series!

Play the "first" one here-JOHN DOE

Made in 3 days to push myself as per my usual. Very short with 4 endings you can get in about 15-20 minutes.


A surreal visual novel style game about moving to a new town and considering home ownership.

Contains: Surreal and unsettling visuals, dreamlike atmosphere, realtors, houses, digestion, large predator, staring, unsettling smiles, needy sellers, hungry houses, cafes, businesses, business men and seemingly normal neighborhoods.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(161 total ratings)
AuthorScopophobia Studios
GenreVisual Novel
Made withTyranoBuilder
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, Horror, Monsters, Short, Singleplayer, Surreal, TyranoBuilder, Violent
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button


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Great Game!

I was surprised to see john Doe there. Now I can see how it all started.


i was playing this with some friends and it was so unsettling for all of us, in a good way! amazing work!

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 this such a cool game omg john doe was there too omgggg aaaaaahh!!!

I wonder , if I gonna make a fangame about my OC in your Uncanny Valley au. Do you mind that?

as long as you credit me for the original series and put a disclaimer that its a fangame and not canon ^^

Okay sure! Thank you so much!

loved this ! so glad to see more of you guy :)


I kept seeing art of Maison everywhere and I became curious. I really enjoyed this game! he is just the right amount of creepy and I love the reveal of what he is! (besides uncanny valley's #1 Realtor that is!) I also lost my mind when my new child John Doe appeared! Overall, amazing and I plan on playing more purpleverse games


i wasn't expecting to see john in this game but goddamn- i lived XD


This is just like that junji ito comic where a woman fucks a house! Awesome!

I really love this game... but there are a lot of people who can't play it because they can't speak English. If I wanted to create a lenguage patch in my native lenguage, what would I have to do?

im currently working towards translations! im sorry its taking so long uou im just one guy doing everything and i have a deadline for another game thats eating away all my time x-x

i promise ill provide other languages as soon as im able though! sorry for the inconvenience ;w;

Nah... it's ok. Thank you for take the time to give me a answer ^^

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Spoiler Warning!


All in all tho, great game, love it, 10/10, I like that this one wasn't a yandere, and just saw us as.. "Buyers".  You didn't try giving it an ending where you could date him, because that'd twist his character too much.

I'm really loving this series in the Uncanny Valley! Thank you so much for making and sharing these games - they're so interesting and original!

I played this for my Youtube, if you'd like to check it out, click the link here!

Ohhh this was such another interesting addition to the Uncanny Valley series! I love how Maison was somehow a different breed of uneasiness compared to John Doe, it was probably cause Maison (in every route) only saw us as another... "buyer" and with that in mind, his interaction with You is only terrifying, especially when it genuinely feels like the best way to survive is to not communicate. It's such a cool series and I love how we get to see more of You's side, especially with how cheerful and excited they were versus when You was in the John Doe game where they appeared more tired and not taking any bullshit, but still was soft. I wonder what You experienced before ever meeting John Doe in the convenience store and what became of them after John Doe +? Aaaahhh, such an interesting world you've created!!! Amazing job!


i love this so much, i love that it also gave some insight on how you and john met or more where john first saw you :]]]]

I love this game. I was so happy to see John Doe. Can't wait to see more games <3


as a kid who was big into courage the cowardly dog, invader zim, and all things cartoon creepy, the world of uncanny valley checks off sooo many boxes for me. your world-building is awesome!!!


This game was so interesting and I loved trying to figure out what Maison is. lol And the fact that this series ties into John Doe as part of the same universe is awesome. Awesome job Dev!

It was so much fun that I introduced the game!

Loved this so much :) great ideea 

Is there any chance of it being translated into Spanish? pliss


I just like love your guys games so will written and executed and was SUPER HAPPY to see John Doe again 😊😊😊😊

I hope that in a future update a language like Spanish can be added, I would greatly appreciate it


I'm Overcouch I hope you liked the video and please subscribe to my channel

This was a great addition to the Doe-averse! The little backstory about You and the other creatures that are lurking in this universe really added so much to everything, and even alluded to some things in John Doe. 

Well done; the story was simple yet spooky and the lines foreshadowing what was to come was both hilarious as well as freaky! Good luck for future projects as well as take care!

I love the vibe this game has! Love the art style to


God I love this HILF so much..,,..,,.,.,..,.,hrmfnbhahchdhahnf he's SUCH a weirdo freak <3<3<3<3

so... when is House Hunted+?


The Uncanny Valley underestimates how much I'm into freaks. Ending 5 I'll suck the drywall outta that man.

Same... HouseMonsterfuckers unite

Hi, I'd like to ask you something. I really liked the song from the game's intro, could you attach it here please? 😩💗


wow !! this is an absolutely stunning game !!!! i love the backstory for meeting doe and especially the design for maison (sorry if i spelled the name wrong lol) !! he was a huge unsettling that you can just not shake off !!!!!! i really cant wait for more games on this universe, maybe even a backstory for john doe themself (wtf is their gender lol and pronouns help i am dieing they are fucking hot) which would be super cool !!!! also how many endings are there for this game ? ive only got 2 so far but i want to know if theres any more ! thank you and amazing game i love the oddly aesthetically pleasing visuals and the cool warp thing on them. sorry that this was a bit long btw and for the shitty grammer. keep up the amazing work !!!! might add a gameplay later lol 

I'm pretty sure there are 4 endings :)

ty !!

Seen this game around and finally had a chance to play it! I am for sure interested in the world for the series! Am going to play through the other endings at some point or on my own but love playing through the game! Only issue I had was that I could not full screen despite even pressing the key to full screen the window. It would be nice to have the option though to force the game onto full screen if it doesn't do it. Other than that, keep up the good work!

Played this game as the first one for the video.


House Hunted was a surreal experience with plenty of secrets hidden within. Though the latest (at the time of this comment) in the Uncanny Valley series, it left me eager to learn more about the secrets of this strange town, and is almost reminiscent of the Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine.

Here's my own playthrough of the game.

Note: I do NOT have a vore kink.


got jumpscared by this man's cock on twitter and since then it has haunted my dreams. i had a dream about hunting ghosts in empty churches and also dark souls and yet there his cock was, in the looming darkness. every fabric of my being is ripped apart and converted to real estate for him to sell. a venus fly trap of our generation.






so wheres the link


You heard the man, where link?

Yeah I don't want this house at all! This was fantastic! 


Does anyone have any idea how to be able to play this on Mac? I managed to play John Doe using wine bottler but I can't seem to figure out how to make this one work.


I've got a real soft spot for Visual Novels and this was something special! I absolutely love your art style, the writing is great, and there's a real level of uncomfortable stuff happening. Wins all round!


Tried this game out and absolutely loved it! Its so creepy and has an unexpected turn! Definitely going back for the other endings! Highly recommended!!

Hello! Sorry for bad English, some part of this message I wrote using a translator, maybe the text sounds rude or strange

The problem is that when I try to start the game I can’t do it, the laptop says the game is incompatible with the windows version (I have windows 7, 32bit)

Game really don't start on Windows 7, or a problem in my laptop?:"D

ah ill get a 32 bit version up asap!

OMG game works, thank you thank you very much!!@o@

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