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This is a remake of my game https://masochistfox.itch.io/john-doe

The original was made in 7 hours in one day as a challenge. It was widely received positively so I remade it and took my time on it!

It now includes 7 endings in total! the original 4 endings and 3 brand new ones as well as all new art plus guest art from my husband Bileshroom !


A surreal visual novel/dating sim style atmospheric game about going to work and meeting someone.

This is a short game which can be played through quickly each time, but has 8 different endings to get! (walkthrough included in download file)

Contains: sudden imagery,  blood/gore, surreal/unsettling visuals, dreamlike atmosphere, unreality, stalking, romance, gas stations, bus rides, too many teeth, he wont stop staring, quick morning showers, a tasty snack, why wont he stop staring, watching television, taking a nap, making choices, aisles and aisles



download like normal and follow the instructions on this site-


I do not own a mac, but Ive had a few people test it with my other RPGmaker games and they said it worked!


                        SOMETIMES AN ENDING ISN'T THE END

Release date Mar 26, 2022
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorScopophobia Studios
GenreVisual Novel, Simulation
Made withRPG Maker
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, Dating Sim, Dreams, Horror, Multiple Endings, Surreal, Violent
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button


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JOHN DOE +.exe 258 MB

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The game didn't promise anything and delivered everything! 11/10! I really loved loved LOVED IT!


oi isso funciona em um chromebook?

se nao vcs podem adicionar?depois dos descancos de vcs se nao quiserem ta tudo bem,eu entendo!nao faz problema! ^^

Um when I try to start a new game or click anything it doesent ..uhh idk how to say it, um..uh go(?), sorr yif you didnt understand what I mean,but if you did,can you please fix that? thanks for reading this!!

you have to press enter to play =D

hope this helped

john is so pretty, i love this game SMMMMM:3

the best game ever fr

(1 edit) (+2)

Man Scopophobia Studios wasn't lying, that John Doe really do be plus
I adored the updated art style, ESPECIALLY the "normal doe" backgrounds! Absolutely stellar work!

I would like to grab doe by the face and aggressively kiss him, well done!


I love John Doe so much!  Yes he is a stalker but he is still adorable! I had so much fun playing this and finding all the endings!

John doe is the BEST stalker boyfriend. Change my mind, you can't.. Yeah, sure, he IS kinda obsessive.. And creepy- But he's loving, adorable, and lovable.


*tells literally all of my friends ever*


JOHN DOE <3333


PLEASE make a version for mobile so then my friends stop complaining about it, all i ever hear from them is about how this game isnt for mobile.

trust me, i get so many comments about it OTL

i really cant make a mobile version no matter how bad i might want to, the engine i made it on doesnt support mobile or mac, i feel really bad about it, but theres really nothing i can do :(

ok ima screenshot this reply and send it to my friends so they can stfu and thank you for telling me

hola una pregunta el juego tiene virus????? :/

its your windows firewall, just click "more info" and then "run anyway" to play

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Someone who watched my House Hunted Video recommended I played this game as well and I am super glad that I was able to because this game is really well done! I was surprised by the changes in environment and styles. Great Job!!

Wow. I love the weirdcore and unsettling vibe to it! (´▽`)  I really the new art and more branched story! Doe really deserves so much, since he's been there for so long (T_T) Nonetheless, I enjoyed the game! ( ´ ω ` )

for when a version in Spanish? :)

mobile whennnnn



I don’t know how to actually play it, I have downloaded it

I need help lol

(3 edits)

what are you having an issue with? O:

basic install instructions:

download file, click blue box icon, extract to desktop, open new file on desktop, click on the red dragon icon.

that should open the game. You can make the screen bigger by hitting F5 (or fn+F5 depending on your keyboard)

to play the game you use your spacebar (or enter) and arrow keys, NOT your mouse !

hope this helped!

I really liked this game !
but I don't know how to, huh, quit the game.
I tried what the comment said but it just doesn't want to leave me ;-;
I even tried to erase the file but
someone help me please T-T

nevermind ! :D
anyway, the game was just sooo cool and I ended up having a crush on Doe ;-;


john doe my beloved

Basically the special editions with John Doe.

I loved this game. It was really fun to play and see all of the different endings.


Thanks doe and the creater.......i'm dying to be loved......the existence of doe makes me feel i am loved from a lovely sweetheart♡.uhh....and,will there be more 18+contents?

yall i love love l o v e doe too but this is kinda crazy (GREAT GAME AAAAAAAAA)


Doe's waistline got me feeling things


me too bro me too smh


i love this game


fuck ,i am Doe's dog,i love love love doe and i plan to kill myself to go to doe'world,wish he understand chinese


Maybe Doe can learn Chinese for you≖‿≖✧

but he isnt smart,u know

I wish this game could be played on Android phones, because I don't have a computer.

I saw some YouTube playing your game, I feel very interesting and want to play this game, but I can't because I don't have a computer. :'/


I really like the game, I wish I could actually play it though, (I use a chromebook.) So if I download it for windows and go to my files and try to open it. Nothing happens......the closest thing I've come to playing this game is watching people play it on YouTube.....And I really want to play it


I really love this game, even though it's short it entertained me a lot. Although I'm not saying this to inferiorize "Your Boyfriend" game, this stalker is better, and it doesn't feel awkward like the aforementioned game. But it's my opinion, it doesn't mean that this game is superior (a lot of text, yes) I was supposed to write more, but it seemed like a bible lmao.


android port?


replaying made me realize a couple of the differences in "normal" Doe and his regular version. I'm not entirely sure if it was intentional, but the small detail of Doe covering his arms/scars with the jacket, and it slipping down when he looks like he's about to lose it again made me love the game even more! you slayed


perfect little scrungle man. love him very much


I absolutely adore this amazing game and have 100% recommended it to every person I know- I love the way this series just brings you from one game to the next and I am so so so excited to see future projects, keep up the amazing work!!! <3


ignore the comment i made earlier. anyways i enjoyed the game however it would be nice to have some sort of video to go to to explain all of the lore and stories im very invested in these games you make keep up the good work


ah i usually try to leave things kind of open to interpretation for fans to play around with, but thank you ^^

i have gone throughout  all the possible outcomes and i see the only real to me was one where all the endings were incorporated for i am an interdimensonal being and the last numeric of endings pleased me

omggg i loved this game!! it was really fun. the seventh ending where u dont reject it was my fav and the fifth scared the shit out of me.... thats the one i played at last and i was proud how i never got jumpscared but thaaat scared me real bad lmaoo i recommend this gam

im feeling just a lttle bit weird to assume a dubious crush on him

i just love this game :3

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