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It's 1997.

You wake up from visiting the hospital to find yourself somewhere new.

The only things you know is that you need to escape and you can't feel your heartbeat. 

Something's gone wrong here and you're going to figure it out.


Solve puzzles, escape monstrosities that take the form of your worst fear and most of all try not to die.... again.


Warnings: very mild jumpscares, hospital themes, talk of medication, lgbt themes (including HRT mentions), guns, therapy, car accidents, body horror, zombies/undead, bugs/roaches, parasites, blood/gore/murder, nudity


Game/story idea, art,  and co-director is Bile-shroom

Programming, script, writer and co-director by MasochistFox (Creator of -PURPLE-)

Music by Bruno Buglisi [Hibarist] 





arrow keys or wasd to move. Hold shift to run. Space to interact. esc key to bring up menu (and to use items).

Press F5 to make the game window bigger.

Make sure to click on everything and everyone more than 1 or 2 times.


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The Phobia Project -EXTENDED DEMO-.exe 375 MB

Development log


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Y'ever just start a house party out of no where?

I really love the game so far even if it was just a demo! I can't wait to see more of these great characters and story behind everything.

Will Tai be an important character of the story? I really liked her and was just wondering.


just finished the demo and wow, i have to say i loved it, genuenly amazing, the art the atmosphere the music, everything was on point keep up the great work!

So are this game and Purple connected?


I loved purple, and I hope this game be relased soon *^*

I'm in love with this game. Please also check mine out here. https://taintedgames.itch.io/ash-asylum


i LOVED IT!! you dont even understand how much i get attached to your characters and when i saw Mya and Randall's pic i screamed ?? i absolutely love your art and im so so looking forward to playing the full game!!



The Demo, while short,  was a pleasant experience start to finish. The art for the game is well done and I quite enjoyed the overall atmosphere the game provided. I look forward to the games eventual full release.

"Heh" ;)


So while the story so far is pretty short, I have to say I love what I've seen. There may not be a lot but the simple nuances and atmosphere that the game gives through music, characters and the environment are enough to make me get jitters. Also I love all the character art. They are adorable. I'm very excited for the future of this game.

I have three questions to this game the first how much will it cost or will it even cost something? The second when will it be releast? and the most important question to me is... is it in the same universe as Purple? 


ah hello!

the game is free but donations are always nice and will help us out to make more games in the future.

the full release date is not decided yet, but the demo should be out within the month.

it is in the same universe as purple and you might even see some familiar characters if you click on everything!




Hey! I loved playing purple and just decided to look for more games on here, cant wait!