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FULL GAME ETA: late 2023-early 2024


It’s 1996.

You play as Randall Purpura, a 23 year old man who has just been released from a lengthy hospital visit for mysterious reasons. He lives in a small studio apartment in a dangerous part of LA California.

He meets Mya, his new neighbor who wants to become quick friends with him.

He also meets Tate, the handsome man down the hall. He never seems to be home when you want him to be.

Explore the city, solve puzzles and try to unlock the mysteries of Randall’s past and try not to get killed.

Featuring OST by Bruno Buglisi [Hibarist] and BARBATUS

Tileset by vexedenigma

Pixel sprites and backgrounds by bileshroom

WARNINGS (most warnings are for the full game and not the demo):

the game includes themes of abuse, implied sexual abuse, unhealthy side/negative effects of mental illness, mild flashing lights, body horror,  gore, blood, mild jump scares, chase scenes, fire/burning, suicide, mentions of transphobia, main character death, insects/moths, dismemberment,  eyes, medical themes, swearing, mild censored nudity,  holes, medicine and many many easter eggs.

THIS GAME IS BY NO MEANS MEANT TO INFORM OR EDUCATE ABOUT MENTAL ILLNESSES. If you are offended by a negative depiction of someone with mental illnesses or are unable to separate a fictional game from real life, please find another game. 

lgbt+ themes are prevalent in the game as well.


arrow keys or wasd to move. Hold shift to run. Space to interact. esc key to bring up menu (and to use items).

Press F5 to make the game window bigger.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(124 total ratings)
AuthorScopophobia Studios
Made withRPG Maker
TagsDark, Horror, LGBT, Monsters, purple, RPG Maker, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout an hour


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hello! i loved this game and cant wait for the full game! i also have 2 question's. does this game have a release date? just out of curiosity and not trying to rush y'all :] and i also want to know about the phobia project, cause i cant find the demo and i don't really know what to look up to see if anything happened to it, and i hope y"all have a nice day, afternoon or night :]

im so glad you enjoyed it! the released date is mostly just mid 2024, im working hard on finishing it and its SO close to being done but ive been having some major health issues thats slowing production down a touch x_x

itll def be done this year though!! 

and as for phobia, we took the demo down for the time being bc once purple is done we're gonna fix it up and release the demo this year as well! a lot has changed since we made the demo so we wanna keep everything consistent haha

okay! thank you so much for answering my questions :] and i hope you get better soon!

lol, I drew him with a ponytail :)

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у меня тут небольшая проблемка:_)...Когда я убегаю от монстра(Это когда "Майя" показала облик монстра) то на одном из этапов я не могу пройти по доске, я как будто просто упираюсь в неё. Что делать?

это прекрасно,вот закончу её проходить и нарисую фан арт

боже мой я надеюсь что в марте этот бэнгер выйдет 😭


why were there no pictures from the website in the game? are these secrets? I won't survive if I've already reached the end of the demo, this game is too cool

Those parts are mainly for the full game which isbt released yet

Did I do something wrong or does the game end with “we can get out”?

thats the end of the demo! its a demo! the full game is scheduled to release this year

I'm in love with this game 

When I download it on to my laptop PC it says that the game isn't trusted and that I need to write a thing to windows saying that I trust it and that they would E-mail me, and it would work but it doesn't.

(1 edit)

ive never heard of the email thing, but even ive gotten that popup when moving the game to a different pc, its just your firewall not liking a developer it doesnt recognize.

you SHOULD be able to click a button in the bottom corner and then run anyway and it should just work, but every computer is different, im not sure why yours would ask you to email them though?   very strange

I got the same thing, you'll need to right-click on the warning and then click 'more info', then there should be a 'keep anyway' button and it'll finish downloading.

termina tu wea rapido uwu

hey! ive downloaded it, but its asking me what app to open it with? i havent had this problem downloading your other games. im not sure what to do

hm thats strange O: you should just be able to extract it from the blue box file (i suggest to your desktop) and then click the red dragon icon in the new folder O:

you might have clicked on a wrong file and not the executable O: but thats the only thing i can think of ;-;

I'm really looking forward to the full version of the game, good luck

5 stars. Just 5 freaking stars for this demo!

God, playing as Randall and seeing some of his habits really hits close to home (Neglecting hygiene, struggling to remember stuff, having to take pills constantly to feel normal, and struggling to go outside). I just want to give this purple guy the biggest hug and tell him that he's not alone :)

I was originally gonna play this because I played Frost Bite first (Absolutely loved it) and was hooked on learning more about Tate, but now I'm hooked on Randall and Mya's stories as well! 

The whole part in the hospital had my heart racing as I played. I was begging for Randall to make it out safely, but the ending being ambiguous left me feeling scared for him and also feeling hopeful that he's at least somehow alive.

I'm gonna wait patiently for the full game to release (and the full release of Frost Bite). Take your time with perfecting your projects! The final product is gonna be so sweet to play!

Idк if it's a bug or not, but I can't run away from the monster after he stopped being Mya. Is this how it should be or should I try better??

did you take the pills in your inventory?

Yes. I took them after the fall from the roof. But I think I acted stupidly by not describing the problem in more detail. So, when the monster stop be Mya and I run to the floor below, is he..."accelerating"?? I don't understand, but it looks like this. ,_,

you have to run to the second floor O:  not the first!

I noticed this even before I saw your answer, oops!! But I finished the game and damn it's so good. Previously, I was skeptical about games of this format, but your project convinced me otherwise. Good luck ⁽⁠⁽⁠ଘ⁠(⁠ ⁠ˊ⁠ᵕ⁠ˋ⁠ ⁠)⁠ଓ⁠⁾⁠⁾


Love what you've done with the series so far, don't rush the project and keep up with the great work.



been following you since john doe came out, super excited for the full release :3

hihi !! i've been following ur stuff for over a year now and its helped me out a lot with my crippling mental health :P i'm just wondering if ur ever gonna do a console port for purple later on after it gets released?? it'd be really cool !! :3 

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rahh im so exited

I just wanted to say I love your games and I love Randall you make such wonderful characters thank you for gracing the internet with your stories


Hello, how do I meet little Randal like in the screenshots?


wait for the full game. its almost ready to be posted, if you wanna keep an eye on updates, i post about it on my twitter @mortisfox




omg I’m excited for the new game to come out and Vic survived Tate 😭



so, i think u found a bug


when mya changes into the monster in the hospital and it chases you

you have to walk over a plank to cross a gap in the ground

and if you took the plank before this scene you can't cross nor have enough time to put it back in place

and i don't have a different save from before this moment so i can't fix it unless i play the game from the beginning again, so im stuck


its been fixed in the full version thats going to be uploaded soon ^^ im aware of it though! in the meantime, just make sure you place the board there before the last chase is initiated on the third floor

Hemlo, Im somewhere in the middle of the game and I already love it!!! <33 I have one question, Will full version be free???


itll be 5$ ! but im going to be giving away free keys on my twitter @mortisfox and there will be longplays on youtube for it!

thanks for ur answer!!!

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I’m multi language I Speak Japanese, Chinese and Korean fluent Thai I’ll be happy to translate this game.



저는 일본어, 중국어, 한국어, 태국어에 능통하며 다국어에 능통합니다.


I’m tired.


I apologize for such a question..(just very interesting) Will Randall and Tate's relationship be shown in the game?


in a way, yes owo

HIII, I'm at the part where you escape Moths from the second Floor and Randall says something like "I have to go to the Staff room”. The Staff room has a code, and I only have the second piece of paper but I couldn't find the first one after searching all over the first part of the hospital...so, I started thinking about the first one It could be on the 2nd floor; Which, Randall doesn't want to go in because of his fear of Moths (hehe, silly, I love Him). So I think I'm stuck or I'm losing something of view.


check the cafeteria in the first part of the hospital ^w^ youll notice something out of place


will there be a translation into Russian and other languages?

I want this too. I need Russian translation :(


Тоже русский?)

конечно) we are waiting for the Russian translation



it all depends on money! im only one person who makes very little and a translation for a game this size would be 100+$ to get

my goal is to have translated versions though when im able! i would like to get russian, japanese, chinese and spanish first

I think we should first wait for the release of the full version of the game, and then there will be those who want to translate

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Just asking out of interest... Where can I find Randall's sprites!?! Or is it taboo, and can’t get them anywhere??!?!?!?!?

aaa i love all the games that you make and directors cut is my favorite :3 so just wondering are there gonna be any other games or like things like tlmk cuz that'd be rlly cool >0< anyway- just wondering lmao :3


we have a sequel to purple planned called "the phobia project" and we're remaking the demo for it after purple is finished! there used to be an old demo up but its been removed while we remake it ^^

we also have quite a few other games planned in the series and we do have a planned ending game as well that should tie everything together cohesively :D

as for tlmk, thats expected to continue once purple is finished with a slower update rate, but itll be off hiatus finally ;w; theres going to be 6 chapters in the series uwu

ohhh okay cool!! i cant wait until purple is finished, im so excited to see all the game! :3 ty for telling me :]


Amazing art, with a captivating story and a cool potential twist; music also really adds to the atmosphere big time. I have to say though, a major issue for this game is the confusing gameplay. For the majority of "puzzles" I had to look up gameplays, and game up entirerly to just watch the gameplay after getting to the hospital. 

(1 edit)

thank you for the kind words

what puzzles were you struggling with if i may ask? a lot of them follow similar formulas to other horror rpg games like the strange man series, witches house, IB, etc so i think if youre not used to the puzzle gameplay of those it may be a bit of a struggle to get used to them, but if theres anything in specific you struggled with i wouldnt mind seeing if i can make it a little easier O:

INHAVE A SILLY PROBLEM. Well, it's probably my fault since I never played this kind of game and I don't understand the controls very well. But when I want to use the coin to throw it, Pressing esc, Enter, x or slash does not make me perform the action. It just takes me out of the coin screen and I go back to Randall's dialogue about the site. I would greatly appreciate indications of some other key or If I'm doing something wrong. I really want to finish the game since I have a lot of appreciation for the purpleverse and the ocs of this studio in general.

(1 edit)

you dont throw the coin lol O: you dont use items this way, you find the object that uses the item and interact with it

like for example the coin, you want to find the phone booth and click on the phone booth to use the coin and then you find the vending machines and use the coins on that afterwords by clicking the vending machines

love the game alot and im excited to play the full game when it comes out, but what im worried for is if the full game will be free or not?


itll be 5$ for the full game! i put in several years of work, a fully custom commissioned soundtrack, 100s of pieces of art and around 7-9 endings so i wanted to finally charge something for my work

my apologies if youre unable to purchase it, i do plan on uploading a full no commentary longplay on youtube of the game plus im giving free keys to some youtubers so youll be able to watch the game at least if you cant buy it yourself.

its alright, you have to be rewarded for your hard work. and could you tell me which youtubers you would give free keys?


 ive discussed with a smaller youtuber named "shweebe" and she plans on doing a video on the game! plus manlybadasshero has played a few of my games so i plan on asking him if he'd like a free key as well!

i also plan on making a post on my twitter to let youtubers know they can message me for keys ^w^

ill also be doing a couple giveaways for free copies of the game like how puppetcombo does so there is a chance you can get a free copy of the game if you follow me over on twitter @mortisfox :D

ughhh i love this game sm!!  dose anyone know went it will be finished? i have a bad memory and i dont wanna miss when this is compleat


loved frostbite, john doe and I LOVE purple :33 !!1!
just one tiny problem, after I went to the break room w/ Mya to get the wooden board, I got the short cutscene with the moth, then I go place the board down to cross the other side of F2, and after that I'm stuck completely, I've walked through the entire hospital to look for any items 3 times already and I can't find anything, either my game bugged[I've restarted the game and still the same happens], or I'm just being stupid, I rlly don't know😭

ah yeah x_x that was reported in my beta testing server and i unfortunately havent had time to fix the demo OTL 

ill get the patched version out soon, but in the meantime i would recommend loading a save before the chase scene and having the board placed on fl2 beforehand! if you try to place it during the chase, it essentially soft locks you which i wasnt aware of at the time and im SO sorry about that! 

i plan on making it so after you get the spade, youll get a prompt that forces you to leave the board on the second floor to avoid this issue since the only other place you need the board is for the xray hint on fl1

Hi!I'm curently playing to the game and I am in the basement of the hospital but I have a problem, when I takes the gurney handle and the cinematic start and Randall say "I...I gotta run!", I have a game over screen that appear and tried to replaying 3 or 4 time but it still does the same. I don't know what to do.

hmm thats very strange and i havent had this issue with any of my beta testers before x_x

can you tell me what system your running the game on? (32 or 64)

Yeah that weird and the game woking perfectly untill this moment, so yeah Idk :/

I'm running the game on 64


I had that problem! press shift to run! I had no idea you could till I accidentally pressed it

OMG thanks you sooo much ! I thought I'd never get  an answer to my prob !!


Great game, the characters are amazing, even big buddy Tate, and Randall is a very comfortic character! <3 I would like to know if there are plans to release the full game on Steam? I don’t have the opportunity to purchase on itch.io due to certain circumstances, but I would be very glad to purchase it, because is really worth the money

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