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THIS GAME IS RATED 18+ FOR VIOLENCE, SWEARING AND PARTIAL NUDITY (pretty much what you'd see in a rated R movie)


You play as a small man named Randall that was just released from a hospital for unknown reasons.  He lives in a small efficiency apartment in a run down part of the city. His neighbors are a bit strange and nosy, but they mean well.

Featuring OST by Bruno Buglisi [Hibarist]


the game includes themes of abuse, implied sexual abuse, self harm, unhealthy side effects of mental illness, mild flashing lights, body horror,  gore, blood, mild jump scares, chase scenes, fire/burning, suicide, mentions of transphobia, main character death, insects/moths, dismemberment,  eyes, medical themes, swearing, mild nudity, holes, medicine and many many easter eggs.

lgbt+ themes are prevalent in the game as well.


arrow keys or wasd to move. Hold shift to run. Space to interact. esc key to bring up menu (and to use items).

Press F5 to make the game window bigger.

WALK THROUGH- https://purplewalkthrough.tumblr.com/

Published Oct 07, 2017
Made withRPG Maker
TagsAtmospheric, Gore, Horror, LGBT, Monsters, purple, RPG Maker, Singleplayer, Surreal, Violent

Install instructions

download the file and click on the blue box icon to extract.

In game, press F5 to enlarge the screen.


-PURPLE-.exe 356 MB

Development log


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AA this game is sooo good so far!! 

im just dense and i cant figure out the riddle on the little box :( me stuck

Other than that the graphics are absolutly adorable and very detailed. I looove the characters and their rolls in the game. The story so far is really interesting!<3

thank you so much im glad youre enjoying it!
ah i updated the game page and at the bottom is a link to a walk through! i made it as spoiler free as possible, but the answer to the riddle is at the bottom ^u^ hope that helps!

Hi! Love the game, just finished the True ending! I'm trying to get the secret ending at the moment. I have the alien key, but when it comes to the part of following the path in the night terror of his past, it says there's something there for the secret ending but I can't find it. 

near the noose


Every time I try to go near the noose though, he says "..." and backs away not allowing me to go near it. ;n;

walk a little further down and look closely at the darkness on the right side

hope that helps!

It did, thanks so much! Just got all endings and super satisfied. Keep up the great work and looking forward to your future games!

im loving thew game so far! i do have to say though im a little but stumped? spoilers but after losing my party member and getting chased back into the main hospital im unable to progress? im unsure if im missing something or something meant to be there isnt ;n;

I'm gonna be writing up the walkthrough today and linking it in a dev log ^u^

i hope that help!





love it ;)


oh my gosh! thank you so much for playing and even making a video! i recently updated the demo if youre interested!

I love the artwork and the characters.

I also did encounter a bug. when i reentered the stairway in the hospital from the 3rd floor i ended up in front of the 2nd floor door in the stairway.

btw. took me while to find the "run" button, maybe i am just a slow learner.

Keep up the good work, i am desperate to see how this ends.

aaah i am so sorry about that bug OTL im working on an updated patch that will be released really soon!

thank you so much for playing and im so happy you enjoyed it!

Neat stuff! I liked the characters and the artwork was nicely done. Thought the world design really complemented the dark and bleak atmosphere. 

I did encounter a bug in my playthrough though. The morning after seeing Amy in the apartments, after Mya approaches to apologise then goes home, I interacted with Mya's door and it repeated the dialogue about meeting her at the store. It then proceeded to repeat the entire store section and became stuck on a black screen when leaving the store for the park. That said, this didn't appear to happen when repeated after reloading, so perhaps a onetime anomaly?

Other than that, cool stuff, definitely looking forward to the full release!

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oh no! me or my beta testers havent encountered that problem yet! ill see if i can get it to do that and fix it asap! thank you so much for telling me!