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anyone know how to get ending 2?

Omg I wasn't expecting all that!!

Great game!!

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heeeelp, no puedo descargar la versión en español, me dice que tengo que asegurarme de que confío en el archivo pero cuando lo hago nooothing pasa. Estoy muy triste, tenía muchas ganas de jugarlo:(((


OMG, this was so great thank you!! I had way too much fun tweaking his VOICE!! 

I'm going to put this in my Psycho Dates playlist!!

I am SO upset with myself too!! I didn't realize you made a remastered version even though it's on the top of the page and it's the FIRST thing you see!!

Whatever, no use crying over spilled oat milk!!

If this video does well I will record the different/extra endings in the remastered version!!

Thank you!! Keep up the good work and stay safe!! 👍

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quick question, will there be a mobile version??


sorry to say but john doe is so...


i cant figure out how to open it lol

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there should be someting in your device files that say "game" and have a orange picture on it then you just click on it if you need a tut just lmk


Please help!! I've downloaded it but it's not launching


did you extract it O:
once you download it youll want to find it in your downloads (itll be a blue box icon) then extract it to your desktop (or wherever you want to extract it), then go to the new folder where you extracted it and youll click the red dragon icon! it should launch then if youre on a windows computer ^^


I downloaded myself a virus D:


its not a virus 🙄 its just your windows firewall not recognizing an indie dev, you just click "more info" and run anyway.

itll do that to most itchio games, hell i got that same message when i downloaded baldis basics. please stop telling people my game is a virus.

could you add other platforms so that linux and apple users can play

i made an acc just to comment. i really love this game and doe. i have watched so many play through a and am currently obsessed w doe. i hope one day it comes out on mac so i can play it myself instead of just watching it. keep up the good work!! <3


I really like this game it’s very interesting and the plot and art is just amazing ahdbsh 

(also is there a save feature? If so how do I save the game? T^T)

Is it normal, that Doe literally describes me as a person 🤐? It was like playing with myself..

okay so is it just me or are other people not getting the 4th ending, i´ve tried everything and it just doesn´t want to. any tips on it?

Just say "Yes" the whole time. First, it'll say "Doe lost interest" but then it glithes and he comlpetely controlls your decisions :)

theres a false ending on that one, just keep going past the "end screen"

really enjoyed this. john really is a interesting fella

<trans oldtip="哦天哪/" newtip="哦天哪/">哦天哪!我好喜欢这个游戏呜呜呜!I love John!(你可爱的中国玩家给您发来评论)😊</trans>

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F A N T A S T I C ! This game didn't promise anything and delivered everything! 11/10! This game really caught my attention after seeing a Youtuber playing it, and it was easy to download! AND THE BEST, my computer supported the game as liquid! I loved loved LOVED IT! :D (And I also brazilian, I it wasn't so hard to understand the dialougue, thx!)


Where could I see more information about the character of John Doe?
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Hola una pregunta el juego no tiene virus


This was really, really good! I wish the screen was a little bigger upon running, and could go full HD. Other than that, it was a very unsettling game and I loved every moment of it! Played as part of a 3 Scary Games video, timestamps in the description to jump straight to the game!

Pls make a mobile version of these😭


mobile when!


Mobile when


嘿嘿....doe 嘿嘿....doe

Hola,una pregunta,como hago para que el juego este en toda la pantalla ?


F5 ! ^^


Hi was just wondering if anybody knew how to get this to work on a chromebook? ;-; I've tried alot of things so any ideas would be welcomed! 

i'm trying to find the same tbh ;-;

im lookin too ugh


please make a mac versionn i don't get how to do the wine bottler thingy 


theres no way for me to currently make a mac version as the rpgmaker engine doesnt support it :( 

oh ok that makes sense thanks for replying

Heyyy i did a short video of my first playthrough of the game and i wanted to share it bc i fell in love with Doe, i couldn't help it so yeah, most of the video is me simping over him.


Anyway here it is and i just wanted to say that i totally loved the game, the atmosphere and obviously the character <3

(sorry for the poor audio quality and volume :<) 


why did u make him hot?


hi, it seems i can´t play the game, and my computer is a windows, i opens but when i click in "new game" it does nothing. Pls help me


ok nvm im so stupid, i dint know its was the enter thing and i clicked with the mouse, nvm then sorry


Wait help its doing the same thing to me how do i fix it

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Loved the game! Thank you so much for sharing. It was a great visual novel/interactive fiction story and I loved the different variety of endings. 

I played this on my YouTube. If you'd like, you can check it out here!

Great game and great design. Amazed at how many endings there are!

cool game

My heart was beating at odd times as I played this game, it was so surreal and unsettling. Not only from the background images and the music but also because of how odd the dialogue was especially with John Doe's design, it felt like he was looking straight at me. Amazing game, I'm so glad I finally got off my lazy ass and played it! Now let me go and calm my heart down before I keel over.

So I finally decided to give this game a shot and let's just say I'm thoroughly impressed.


It was so much fun that I introduced the game!

I love this game and wish I could play it! I absolutely love Doe,for not talking much to you in the beginning,the endings really show you how much Doe had reacted to your actions. Doe is very much the definition of skrunkly and I love him. I could say I love him so many times it’s just a thing now. I was actually introduced to this game by my friend in a Creepypasta server,so even if he isn’t based off of a Creepypasta I bet a lot of people in the fandom would love to experience this,whether it’s through video or game. Anyways even if you don’t see this essay of a comment,just to let you know,I will forever love Doe because he is great and I think everybody should think that


Desperately wish I could play this but it doesnt have am android version;n;

omg this game is so fun!

i really like this game


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